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Releasing Your Faith:


HAVING faith is of no use to us if we don't USE our faith! Yet, most Christians don't understand the difference, and so they never allow their faith to be RELEASED, (to become 'operational). This series of powerful messages will teach you the difference between HAVING faith and USING faith. You will discover how to use your faith to "move mountains" and overcome anything that comes against you!


 Releasing Your Faith! How to Make Sure That Your Faith is Active and Working Effectively

Part 1 of this powerful series deals with the subject of HOW faith comes. Most Christians don't realize that 'belief in God' is NOT the same thing as FAITH. Before we can USE faith we must be certain that we HAVE faith. According to scripture faith is DEVELOPED (it comes) from only ONE source. Discover how faith comes and how you can develop your faith: Free with your Donation of $12.00

Did you know that there is more than one kind of faith? The Bible says that there is, and Jesus told us to have the "God Kind of Faith". In other words we are supposed to develop in ourselves the SAME powerful and creative type of faith that God Himself uses! Find out how the "God Kind of Faith" operates and how you can make sure that your faith is the "God Kind of Faith": Free with your Donation of $12.00

Hebrews 11:3 tells us that everything that exists is made from things that we cannot see. 2Corinthians 4:18 also tells us that we are supposed to focus our eyes on what we cannot see. Everything that we will ever want, need, desire or require already exists and is available in the realm of the unseen. Discover how to take what is unseen and bring it into the realm of the seen thru faith:  Free with your Donation of $12.00

God has told us in His Word that WE have the same power and authority in our words that He has in His! The scriptures state over and over again that we, as God's children have the ability to decree  change in our lives, our bodies, our finances, our family, our jobs, and more. Discover the TRUE nature of the New Birth and how you can release POWER into your life thru the Faith Decree: Free with your Donation of $12.00

Abraham and Sarah receive a child when their bodies were long-past the age of having children because Abraham was FULLY PERSUADED that He who promised (God) was faithful and could perform His promise. Many of God's people try to stand in faith BEFORE they are fully persuaded. Discover how you can receive YOUR miracle no matter how impossible it may look or sound: Free with your Donation of $12.00


This entire series of 5 CD's is now available for free with your donation of only $45.00. This powerful teaching will make a wonderful addition to your faith library and is the perfect gift to those who are endeavoring to believe God for a miracle. Free with your Donation of $45.00



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