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Bible Study: God Can Turn it Around!


"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" [Jer. 32:27]

Below is a brief summary of the Audio teaching: "God Can Turn It Around!"

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Scripture Reference:
"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" [Jer. 32:27]

Some of the most common phrases in the English language regarding the subject of hope are:
• "Don't Lose Hope"
• "Keep Your Hopes Up"
• "We Don't Want to Give Them False Hope"
• "No Need to Get Their Hope Up"
Hope is such a wonderful thing to human beings. Hope can raise a person from the depths of depression and fill them with an inexhaustible energy and determination - or, when hope is lost it can bring such a cloud of darkness and despair that all motivation and determination is lost.
But the truth is that SOME things just look hopeless - And, unless there is some THING or some ONE that is bigger or more powerful than the thing we are facing - then it IS hopeless - and any hope that we have or are given is a false hope.

When we find ourselves in the place where the situation or circumstance is bigger and more powerful than any "thing" or any "one" we know in this earthly realm, that is when we need to remind ourselves of what the Lord spoke to us thru the prophet Jeremiah: Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" [Jer. 32:27]

Time after time the Lord turned impossible situations around. And, while there are many examples to choose from it is always best to look to scripture FIRST. It is in the scriptures that we always find accurate and truthful examples of God's grace, mercy, and power to save, deliver, rescues, heal, and provide. And faith must never be based upon experience, even if it is our own personal experience.
Faith is base only upon scripture: The Word of God. Therefore, we will choose a few of the more notable examples in the Word of God to demonstrate how the Lord took an impossible situation and turned it around. Keep in mind that if the Lord could turn things around for these people - He can turn it around for you and I as well!


• Israel [Exodus 1, 5,6]: After 400 years in bondage to a larger and more powerful nation, all hope of ever being delivered from their life of slavery and poverty looked hope less - Yet the Lord 'brought them out with a strong hand' and led them into a land of their own giving a level of freedom and prosperity that they had never as a nation experienced. In doing so they defeated many armies and cites much more powerful then themselves, yet nothing was too hard for them as long as the Lord was with them.
• David & Goliath [1Samuel 17]: Once again Israel faced an army larger and more powerful than they. Additionally they had to deal with the humiliation of being challenged by a single soldier of the opposing army who was not only larger and more powerful than any men of Israel, but also large enough and powerful enough to challenge the whole army of Israel. Yet one young Israelite named David understood that nothing was too hard for the Lord and ran out to meet this heavily armored giant and with a simple slingshot slew the giant and routed the army of the Philistines.
Hezekiah & Sennacherib [2Kings 18,19]: Sennacherib was the King of Assyria and decided to invade Israel with over 400 thousand men. Hezekiah, King of Israel wisely sought counsel of the prophet Isaiah and was assured by the Lord that even though the army of the Assyrians was larger and more powerful than the army of Israel that it was not a hard thing for the Lord to bring defeat and destruction down upon the invading army. That night the angel of the LORD went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. [2Kgs 19:35]
• The Gadarene Demoniac [Luke 8:26-36]: Here was a man grievously tormented, held in bondage and fully possessed by demons. So strong was their power over him that even chains could not hold him and he was a terror not only to himself but also to the surrounding countryside. Yet, Jesus knowing that nothing is too hard for God simply cast the devils out of him and restored him to his right mind where he became a witness to the goodness and power of God.

• The Widow's Debt [2 Kings 4: 1-7]: Here is a situation where a single mother found herself so deep in debt that the creditors were coming to take away here children until the debt was worked off. Wisely, she sought the advice of God thru the prophet who assure her that this was not to hard a thing for God. After following the instructions of the prophet she was able not only to pay off the debt in full, but also have enough left over to live on.
• Provision in Time of Famine [1 Kings 17: 8-15]: Israel was in the midst of a great famine. People were starving, yet providing for those that placed their hopes and trust in Him was not a hard thing for the Lord. After being sent to a widow who had only just enough grain to make a final meal for her and her son, Elijah instructed her to make him (God's prophet) a meal first. In doing so she showed her trust in God and His ability to provide and the result was that she, her son, and Elijah were provided with a supernatural supply of grain and oil where they were able to eat 'many' days until the famine ended.
• The Feeding of the 5,000 [Matthew 14:14-21]: Is feeding five-thousand men plus women and children a hard thing for God? Not according to scripture. Even though all Jesus had available to Him was a few fish and loaves of bread, He knew that this was not heard for God. After giving thanks (for the supernatural provision of God) He took those few fish and loaves and by the supernatural power of God was able to distribute enough to feed all the people.

Whether it be just a simple ailment such as the mother of Peter being healed of a fever [Matt 8 14-15] or a paralyzed servant of a Roman officer being healed [Matt 8:5-13] no sickness, no disease, no pain and no affliction is too big, too powerful, or too hard for God!
Even death itself is not big enough to stop the power of God when one chooses to place their hope and trust in His mighty power and willingness to heal and/or restore to life. Look at just a few of the more familiar examples we have in scripture:
• The Woman's son brought back to life [2 Kings 4:8-37]
• Daughter of Jairus Raised From the Dead [Mark 5:22-23 / 35-42]
• Lazarus Raised From the Dead [John 11:32-44]
• And other examples from scripture that are too many to list here

And space does not permit me to list all of the true accounts of supernatural deliverance, provision, and healings that I have personally been a witness to in life, including seeing the dead brought back to life. I have ministered to several who were declared 'terminal' with less than thirty-days of life. Yet I have seen them raised from their beds and restored to health.
I personally have experienced the power of God's willingness to heal in my own body numerous times, including being completely healed of a heart that had been damaged and weakened thru a series of heart-attacks.
Miracles of provision including supernaturally being delivered from crushing debt are too numerous to recount, including in my own life. Yet despite the hopelessness of ever being debt free thru natural means, God has assured us in His WORD that nothing is too hard for Him if we will only place our trust and confidence in Him and His Word, and follow Him as He leads us in the paths that bring financial freedom and the supernatural, abundant supply that is available to us as children of the Most High God!

Beloved, no matter what you are facing, no matter how long that affliction, circumstance, or situation has plagued you; let me assure you that NO THING is too big, too hard, too powerful, or too difficult for God! All we need to is learn to trust and rely upon Him and the supernatural power that can turn any situation or circumstance around and bring the changes so many desperately need.
I encourage you to begin to listen to the FREE teaching we have available in our audio-broadcast section of our website and discover for yourself that NOTHING is too hard for the Lord!


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