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Studies: Free Christian Bible Studies and Teachings


This section contains Free Christian Bible studies, Sermon outlines and Free Christian teachings. For Free Christian Audio messages and downloads that can be listened to online or downloaded visit our Audio Broadcast Section.

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The following Bible Studies and Sermon Outlines are in HTML format.
For your convenience we have also provided these studies in both MS Word (doc) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf)  formats that can be downloaded and/or printed for later use.

Kingdom Keys to the Supernatural
Provision & Increase of God

Part 1: hey! Where's My Supply?
Part 2: God's Promises of Provision
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 Releasing Your Faith: How to Make Sure Your Faith is Active and Working

Part 1: Has Faith Come?
Part 2: The God Kind of Faith
Part 3: Receiving the Unseen

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 Faith For Miracles
Part 1: Have Faith In God
Part 2: Faith Has A Voice
Part 3: Faith and Authority
Part 4: Faith Has a Vision
Part 5: As Thy Soul Prospers
Part 6: Faith That Perseveres
The Power of Mustard Seed Faith! 

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 Why Christians Suffer

Indentifying Causes

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us

Why Some Suffer

The Trying of Your Faith

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 Glory • Power • And Dominion!

Part 1: Taking Dominion

Part 2: Ruling & Reigning By Faith

Part 3: Your Words Have Authority
Part 4: It Shall Come to Pass!

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 Walking in the Spirit

Learning to be Led By the Spirit Part 1
Learning to be Led By the Spirit Part 2
How to Know When God is Speaking
Pressing In to Receive God's Best

 The Kingdom of God is In You!

Part 1: Expectation Without Revelation

Part 2: Believing is Seeing

 Qualified For Blessing
All The Promises of God Are Yes!
God Is Able

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 Resisting the Devil Successfully

Acting Like A Victim!

The Coming Fight: It's Coming So Get Ready!

Are You Prepared For Spiritual Attack

Your Most Important Weapon!

Part 1: Have You Seen My Sword?
Part 2: About The Sword of the Spirit
Part 3: There is POWER in Your Mouth!

 Releasing the Power of God Into Your Life

The Awesome Power of the Name 
Activating the Power of God In Your Life 
Hindrances to Faith 

God's Power is Yours For the Taking!

How To Get Victory Every Time!




  What About Paul's "Thorn In the Flesh"
Part 1: The Leaven of the Pharisees 
Part 2: Did God Really Say "No" to Paul 
Part 3-4: What Does the Bible Really Say 

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Our Covenant of Divine Healing

Intro: Our Covenant of Divine Healing 
Part 1: The Need for Healing: Coming Soon
Part 2: Is Healing For All? 
Part 4: God's Will to Heal
Part 6: God's Medicine 
Part 7: When Healing Doesn't Come 
Part 9: Identifying Unbelief
Part 11: Roadblocks & Hindrances to Healing
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The Supernatural Christian

Part 1: The Supernatural Christian
Part 2: Anointed With Power
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 Not Guilty!

Pt1: Wrong Thinking Affects Our Believing
Pt2: The Law Brings Condemnation
Pt3: Our New Covenant
Pt4: The Law is Not Of Faith
Pt5: Not Guilty 

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Overcoming Tests, Trials, Troubles, Tribulations and Afflictions

Pt1: In This World you Will Have Troubles
Pt2: Give No Place to the Devil
Pt4: Becoming Strong in the Lord


Part 1: Expect Opposition
Part 2: What the Thief Comes to Steal 

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The Power of the Spirit!

Pt 1: God Is Pouring Out His Spirit

Pt 2: God Has Given You a Spirit of Power

The Move of the Spirit

Understanding The Anointing: Part 1  
Understanding The Anointing: Part 2  
Importance of Yielding to the Holy Spirit

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Delivered From the Powers of Darkness

Parts 1 & 2: Delivered!

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 Prayer That Gets Results

Different Kinds of Prayer

The Prayer of Faith

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 Faith For Healing: God's Promise for Healing
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 Featured Single Studies

What is Saved?
It STARTS With the Word!
The Change Factor!
Know Your Benefits!
Your Toolbox For Victory!
God Can Turn It Around!
Overcoming the Impossible
Be Filled With Hope
Taking the Limits Off God
Confidence In God

How to Know & Follow God's Will

Is Prophesy For Today?

Are You Just Auditing The Course?

God and the Gay & Lesbian Lifestyle

Your Attitude Will Affect You

Things That Can Kill Christians

As Is The Habit of Some: What's Your habit?

Whose Side Are You On?

Are you Faithful?

You Are A Royal Ambassador

When It Seems Like God Doesn't Answer
Is What You Believe Faith or Fiction?  
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  God's Plan for Supernatural Provision

Where is Your Supply?
Without Wavering?

Prosperity Basics

The Law of Seedtime & harvest

God's Grace for Provision

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