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Bible Study: Kingdom Keys To The Supernatural Provision & Increase of God: Part 1: Why Isn't It Working?


 Scripture Reference:
"But my God WILL supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus"
[Philippians 4:19]
"And God is able to make all GRACE (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation]." [2Cor 9:8 AMP] 


Below is a brief summary of the Audio teaching: "Hey! Where's My Supply?" from the Series titled "Kingdom Keys to the Supernatural Provision & Increase of God"

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Did you notice what the above scriptures promise? Almighty God, our heavenly Father has stated in His Word that HE has promised (guaranteed and confirmed) that he WILL provide for us - He WILL supply our every need.
What a Promise?
But, despite all the teachings on the subject, all the books written, all the seminars and conferences attended, and even after decades of the church trying to obtain this promise the majority of the people of God remain broke, in debt, and just a few paychecks away from financial disaster. Frankly, we have to blind, deaf and dumb not to recognize that either God was mistaken when HE promised this - or there has been a failure in the church regarding this subject!
Can I let you in on a little secret? It's the question that even ministers are secretly asking themselves: "Where's My Supply?Where's the Promised Provision. How come this isn't working? ".
It's been on everyone's mind - yet very few are willing to recognize that there is a problem. And, unless we are willing to face it and deal with it with humility, seeking the Lord for answers, things will not change no matter how much we pray or continue to teach  the same things that have produced little if any results.

Consider the fact that this subject has been taught in the church for decades - and despite all the teaching on it - the church has not only FAILED to enter into the supernatural prosperity that the Bible promises - but as a whole the church is farther in debt than ever before! Even worse, many ministers and even whole ministries are as much in debt as the rest of folks - with little or no hope of ever getting out of debt thru natural means.
Let's be honest with ourselves. Most people, while having an appearance of prosperity - are in reality mortgaged in their homes, their buildings, their automobiles, and just about every other item they have.
Additionally, most folks have purchased the majority of what they possess with credit-cards, home-equity loans or other financing options. What that means is that most Christians do NOT own what they have - the bank or finance company owns it and most are just paying constantly for the right to 'use' it.
Brethren, this is NOT what God has promised in His Word. The WORD of GOD not only gives us an exact description of what the prosperity of GOD looks like - but it also states quite clearly that DEBT is not prosperity - but is in fact part of the curse! [Deut 28:44]

I realize that there are those who may disagree with my last statement, and that is one reason why they have not stepped into the place where they no longer have to rely on credit financing to obtain what the LORD wants to provide without the additional cost of interest - not to mention the fact that New Testament Scripture shows us the results of willingly entering into debt.

"Everything is lawful for me, but I will not become the slave of anything or be brought under its power." [1Corinthians 6:12]

"Don't you understand, that whoever you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you become and you must obey him..." [Romans 6:16]

Jesus came to Set us FREE, and has told us that we CANNOT serve God and Money [Luke 6:13]. When we allow ourselves to go into debt, we become indebted or enslaved to the one we owe - and we are no longer free to serve the Lord in the freedom or fullness that He called us to. We will remain in bondage to the one we owe until the debt is paid.

I have to be honest here. When the Lord first began to talk to me about this subject I was in the same place as most of the Body of Christ as far as finances go. And frankly, I was stunned and confused as to why this was so. After all, I was doing everything that the Church traditionally teaches regarding the subject of honoring the Lord with our finances but I was deeply in debt, and could see no natural way out.
I was asking the Lord: "Where is the promised provision? Why isn't this working?"
After much prayer seeking the answer to this question; the Lord began to reveal (thru His Word) WHY this is so -and HOW the Biblical principles of God's provision for the church became corrupted by the traditional teachings and doctrines of men.
Instead of teaching the truths of the Scriptures, the Church has for the most part repeated over and over the traditional ideas of well-intentioned ministers who are lacking in revelation and understanding of the NEW Testament principles of provision and increase thru application of stated Biblical truths and faith towards the grace of God.

Albert Einstein once stated that: “One definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results. It is unfortunate that many Christians today would easily fall into that definition of insanity. They keep making the same mistakes over and over while expecting things to change.
Speaking of such individuals, Jesus said it this way: "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." [Luke 16:8]
It often seems that while the unbelievers (Children of this world) have enough ‘common sense’ to understand that something must be DONE in order for things to change – the people of God (Children of light) just go on, and on, and on - doing the same things in the same way - over and over again - despite the fact that nothing is changing. They’re still broke, still in debt, still unsuccessful in their jobs or business, and still struggling to make ends meet. Yet seldom if ever taking a close look at what we believe and teach, and asking the Lord: “Where have we missed it?”

If you are tired of repeating the same cycle of lack, and if you are seriously interested in stepping into the blessing of SUPERNATURAL provision and increase as promised by the Lord in His WORD - then I encourage you to listen carefully and diligently to this series. Discover for yourself the amazing truths of how and where the traditional teachings of the Church have failed to bring forth the Biblical PROMISES of the provision and increase of God as stated in the Word of God.
"Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence that you are showing the fruits that come from true fellowship with Christ. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it." [2Corinthians 13:5 Message Bible]

"He who answers a matter before he hears the all facts, it is folly and shame to him"
[Proverbs 18:13]
I must warn you in advance that much of what you will hear may be contrary to your long-held ideas about this subject. Some of these truths may be hard at first to swallow and it may be very tempting to disregard them, scoff at them, and just refuse to listen. Join the club! I was guilty of that very attitude when the Lord first began to show me these things in light of New Testament scriptures.
But I realized that if I was ever going to experience the promised blessing of provision and increase I was going to have to "receive the word of God with humility" [James 1:21]. In other words, it was necessary for me to be willing to admit that what I believe might be wrong and that was why I wasn't seeing the promises even though I was doing everything I believed.
So take the time to listen to each section of the entire series. Don't skip ahead or skip a part. Each lesson is vital to bring forth corrections needed in our understanding of this subject.

And, don't make the mistake of being quick to discount or disagree just because some of it may be contrary to your current opinions on the matter. Face it squarely: if it isn't working, then it isn't working - and nothing you can do will change that unless and until you are willing to admit it - and receive with meekness the truth.

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." [1Thess. 5:21]

The Word of God tells us to prove all things. In other words, PROVE the validity of what we are believing and practicing -and if it isn't working with proven results, then we must admit that somehow, somewhere, we missed it.
God assures us that He WILL CONFIRM His Word with "signs and wonders following" [Mark 16:20]. He tells us this so that we can be sure that we are actually following HIS Word, and His instructions, and HIS principles -  and not the ideas or opinions of men.
If we are to be honest, the majority of us have to admit that the ONLY thing we have proven is that what we believe, and what we are practicing, and what we are teaching has NOT worked! Considering these things, isn't it time that we make an effort to learn the truth?
Beloved, we used to be in the same place that most others are in today. But as we began to listen, and receive as the Lord began to teach us, we began to SEE the actual manifestation of the promises with amazing regularity. And, it wasn't long before the crushing debt that we were facing was paid off: SUPERNATURALLY!
For the FIRST time in my walk with Christ, we actually began to EXPERIENCE the promises as stated in the Word of God just as He promised. And YOU can too!
Discover for yourself why those things that are regularly taught are NOT working - and learn the amazing truths of how and where the traditional teachings of the Church have failed to bring forth the Biblical principles of the provision and increase of God as stated in the Word of God.
Get ready to learn HOW to operate in the KINGDOM KEYS to the Supernatural Provision and Increase of God as this powerful series opens your eyes to the revelation of the Scriptures and exposes the traditions and errors that have kept the Body of Christ from walking in the promised blessings of abundant provision and increase.


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