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American Christians Take Action


Take Action Now 

Nowhere in the Word of God - or the American Constitution - are we as Christian Americans
forbidden to participate or play an active part in American politics, voice our opinions, or 
have a say in what laws are passed, changed, or amended.

Neither should we as Christian Americans neglect our God-given and legal rights to vote, influence our leaders or engage in discussion and/or debate about the moral or political issues facing our country today.

Our Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the right of every person (regardless of his/her religious beliefs or position) to worship and to speak freely about any issue. It also guarantees that any person (regardless of his/her religious beliefs or position) can hold a political office or governmental position.

Many have tried to prevent this, and even though it is in direct violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States - many are still trying to enforce a law that does not exist - or to enact laws preventing such actions by Christians and persons of other religious persuasion.

Please Click here for a list of  where you - as a Christian American - can begin to participate and have a voice in important matters such as:
What laws are passed
Who is Elected
Moral and Political Issues

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